• Background

    My full name is Onno de Rechteren van Hemert. Colleagues and friends call me Dionno. My roots are in the Netherlands, but my pioneering spirit comes from Australia. In the beautiful city of Groningen I studied business philosophy at the University of Groningen. After many travels and wanderings I live there again with great pleasure.

  • Work Experience

    As a director and supervisory director I have more than 30 years of experience in business services, production companies and export companies.

    Especially in organizational management, mergers & acquisition and artificial intelligence in marketing and sales.

    I am retired, but would like to share my experiences. So you are always welcome with questions!

  • Social activities

    Running was my great hobby and I have run half and full marathons. During this sport I also followed a training as a sports masseur. Due to a permanent injury, running is unfortunately no longer possible. I enjoy coaching individual runners to achieve their sporting goals.

    As a hobby I like to dance salsa, bachata and kizomba at the weekend.

  • Contact

    Feel free to call +31 (0)639444429
    or send an email to mail@dionno.com